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What is the Pilgrimage?

THE PILGRIMAGE, in its entirety, is comprised of five modules and two trips; one trip is to the Passion Play in Eureka Springs and one trip is to the United Methodist boards and agencies in Nashville, Tennessee. This is basically an adult version of the confirmation classes offered at Murphysboro United Methodist Church to junior high and high school youth. All five modules and both trips will be offered during 2016-2017. The modules are held at MUMC. Participants can attend all modules, or only some modules, in any order.

What are the five modules?

Module 1: What is Worship?
  • Various components of worship and how they influence style
  • Liturgical seasons of the Christian calendar
  • Celebration of sacraments
  • Feasts and celebrations in Jewish worship
  • How Jewish worship influences Christian worship

crossModule 2:  Who is Jesus?

  • Teachings of Jesus
  • Holy Week & Easter
  • Presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Understanding Jesus as Lord
  • Passion of Jesus
  • Atonement
  • Living in response to His teachings
  • Trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to visit the Passion Play

Module 3:  What is the Bible?

  • What is contained in the Bible
  • Who wrote it and how it was formed
  • Pieces/components of the Bible
  • Books of Old and New Testaments
  • Disciplines for how to read the Bible
  • Major bible stories and characters


Module 4:  What are Spiritual Disciplines?

  • Definition and understanding of what they are
  • Impact of spiritual disciplines on our Christian walk
  • How we use them
  • John Wesley’s understanding of the Means of Grace
  • Emphasis on prayer

Module 5:  What is the UMC?

  • Structure of the United Methodist Church
    • General church level
    • Conference level
    • Local church level
  • History and development of the United Methodist movement
  • Trip to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit General Board offices and        
            Upper Room chapel


What is involved with the two trips?

One trip is to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, to view the Passion Play.  Participants must attend the module ‘Who is Jesus’ in order to participate in this trip, as part of the module will be conducted during the trip. 

The other trip is to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit the General Board of Discipleship, General Board of Communications, and General Board of Higher Education. Participants must attend the module on ‘What is the United Methodist Church? in order to participate in this trip.


Where did the Pilgrimage come from?

THE PILGRIMAGE is being written and developed by Pastor Larry and Angie Baughman, in response to adult requests to be able to learn the information that junior high and high schoolers learn during their confirmation process. This will be rich learning for adults, and will also strengthen the church as a whole to become better mentors for young people as they learn these important truths about the church and our faith as a whole.


What is the schedule for the Pilgrimage? 

Module 1, titled What is Worship?, was held at MUMC on five Sundays in Spring 2016: April 17, April 24, May 1, May 15, & May 22.

Module 2, titled Who is Jesus?, was held at MUMC on three Thursdays in Fall 2016: August 25, September 1, & September 8.

Module 3, titled What is the Bible?, was held at MUMC on three Thursdays in Spring 2017: April 27, May 4, & May 18.

Module 4, titled Spiritual Disciplines, will be held at MUMC on August 17, August 24, & September 7, 2017.

Module 5, titled The United Methodist Church, will be held at MUMC on October 27 & November 2, 2017.

The trip to Nashville, TN will be November 7 – 9, 2017.


How do I participate?

A few weeks before each module begins, there will be information announced in MUMC Sunday BulletinsMUMC Compass Newsletters, and on the MUMC Events page. You can sign up on the attendance pad during MUMC worship services, or by contacting the Church Office.


You are invited to make the Pilgrimage a next step on your trail of discipleship!